Nuclear plant situation has become critical and preparations are being made for the worst.

It’s uncommon for a government official to invite you on a last-minute trip in Ukraine.


 RUSSIA- Ukrain War

 nuclear plant situation has become critical and preparations are being made for the worst.

     An invitation with very little detail is more common than you might think. Usually, security is the reason why ministers’ schedules aren’t publicized. It isn’t wise to publicize when a minister is going to be somewhere, especially when the country is being invaded. We accepted the invitation and soon found ourselves at an airfield outside Kyiv, where we and other journalists were herded onto a helicopter. By the time we arrived in Zaporizhzhia, we knew the nuclear power plant was growing more dangerous to the south, as well as our destination.



In something like 30 seconds of the excursion beginning, I understood the reason why we were offered enemy of queasiness tablets prior to taking off.
To remain undetected, the pilot keeps the helicopter around 10 meters off the ground, incidentally jumping over electric powerlines.

There are vast fields of sunflowers. Some are in full blossom, and some are shrinking, past their best. In any case, the reap is quickly drawing nearer.
Then, at that point, there is the thick forest – heaps of transcending trees that verge on contacting the pallet of the chopper.

You are left under no deception of Ukraine’s huge and rich scene.
In the wake of arriving in Zaporizhzhia, you are struck by two things: the more modern horizon in contrast with Kyiv, as well as the dampness.
We end up at a store vehicle leave where crisis laborers are wearing yellow hazardous materials suits. They are working on cleaning drills in case of radioactive tainting.



They are watched by senior authorities, who are quick to perceive how prepared the district would be in case of the direst outcome imaginable.
“Obviously we are concerned,” Ukraine’s Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko tells me. “The circumstance changed emphatically when the Russians began shelling the region on 5 August.”
Ukraine says what is going on at the plant is “drawing nearer basic”.

Russian powers have been involved in the site, Europe’s greatest, since early March.
They have been asked to hand control back due to the risks, and some staff there have told the BBC they’re “being kept at gunpoint”.

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Nuclear plant situation has become critical and preparations are being made for the worst.


For the beyond about fourteen days there’s been weighty shelling nearby the plant, with the sides accusing one another.
Nato is the furthest down the line worldwide association to call for United Nations controllers to be allowed into the Zaporizhzhia power plant, guaranteeing its seizure represented a serious danger to Ukraine and adjoining nations.



Authorities say the plant could be cut off from power as Moscow attempts to divert power to Crimea, which it added a long time back.
“It is difficult to guarantee the wellbeing of the thermal energy station while the Russian involving powers are there,” says Denys Monastyrskyy, Ukraine’s inside serve.
“It is the key worry that we as a whole ought to comprehend,” he adds


The vehicle leave is likewise were Ukrainians who figure out how to get involved domains initially show up.

There are lines of vehicles with individuals and full bags.
Sitting in the shade we meet Olena, who has quite recently gotten city of Enerhodar, where the atomic plant is found.

“It’s terrifying, extremely frightening, there is shelling constantly,” she says while skipping her baby on her knee.
“There have been a lot more blasts and it turned out to be too perilous to even consider remaining there.

“I would have rather not ventured out from home, however, I had no way out.”
This vehicle left addresses Ukraine controlling its best.
Unfit to drive the Russians from Europe’s greatest thermal energy station, the nation is rather attempting to plan for the most terrible, on the off chance that it works out.

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